Self-Service or Full-Service

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself kinda gal or a do-it-for-me kinda guy, these Internet Marketing plans will help you reach your business goals and make the most of your marketing dollars. View Prices & Comparison Chart.

Internet Marketing Plans May Include:
SEO Icon
“Google it” has become the #1 phrase spoken in America. Well, that’s probably an exaggeration. But you still need to get your website well optimized to be indexed and ranked favorably by the search engines. When someone searches for your services online you need to be among the top results if you want to get picked. Like a good courtship, search engine optimization is about making a grand first impression, then keeping the fires stoked long after that first kiss. I’d definitely call it a long-term relationship.
SEM Icon
Sometimes you just need a little boost to get to the front of the line. Search engine marketing essentially combines SEO techniques with paid ad placement across the web. By using market-tested written, visual and audio content placed strategically in front of your target market, you can get as much attention as you think you can handle. This is how to get the fastest exposure in the shortest amount of time, but keep in mind that it gets pricey.
Social Media Icon
Social Media
Everyone’s on one social network or another. Search engines are now incorporating your social media presence into your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Social butterfly or not, you need a strong social presence. It feels like social media marketing should be intuitive but strangely it isn’t. People behave differently in a crowd than they do on their own. It takes understanding these crowd dynamics to effectively unleash the marketing potential of social media. Just stay light on your toes because it is a shifting landscape and you gotta be ready to respond rapidly to the changes and trends.
PR/Link Building Icon
PR/Link Building
Having other sites link to your online content tells the search engines “Hey, this one’s important!” and significantly boosts your rankings. Plus, with Public Relations outlets across the web, its easier than ever to get a lil time in the news spotlight. By combining a strong PR effort with an eye towards link building in the process, you kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Or, to avoid violence in your marketing analogies, feed 2 birds with 1 scone.
Email Marketing Icon
Email Marketing
If you email it, they will come…not. Email marketing involves special principles to be effective and affordable. When you’ve got a good thing going, you don’t want sorry emails sending your new love packing. There needs to be some testing on which subject lines/which content/which call to actions (CTAs) work for your audience. It’s sensitive to find the balance between too many and too few emails. Thankfully, there are some great new tools to track, test and adjust your email campaigns to meet your specific email marketing goals.
Brand Development Icon
Brand Development
If you’re not clearly different from your competitors, you’re clearly not getting as much business as you should. Your brand has a unique, compelling story to tell. (And, in case you didn’t hear, the world runs on story.) With a little help you’ll be able to easily communicate your Brand Identity, Brand Message, Unique Value Proposition (UVP), Benefit of your UVP, Dream Fulfilled by your brand and your Target Market. And that, friend solopreneur, is how you end up with profitable, enduring brands like Coca Cola. It’s all in the story.
Niche Marketing Icon
Niche Marketing
There’s a lot of noise on the web. If you don’t know precisely who you’re talking to, they simply won’t be able to hear your voice above the others. You’ll get lost in the crowd without using niche keywords in your online marketing. Getting User Personas of your niche market is a great way to get to know them better so you can be more interesting, relevant and engaging to them with your brand.
Web Development Icon
Web Development
Ok, first things first…you gotta have some online real estate. And its gotta be done right: built to the search engines’ liking and the visitors’ tastes. If you get found online but your website doesn’t compel your visitors to become customers, well…what was the point of getting found? This isn’t about ego. It goes far beyond that to being crucial proof you’re a brand worth buying from. In the first 3 seconds your website makes or breaks your credibility, professionalism, trustworthiness, product quality, value and desirability. Whew! There’s a lot resting on your website’s shoulders with only 3 seconds to accomplish it!
Monitoring/Analytics Icon
The only way to know that your hard-earned and wisely-spent dollars are working for you is to track how people are interacting with your business online. From there it takes a human brain to decide how to respond to those numbers; a little more of this, a little less of that. Without analytics, you’re spending without knowing if you got what you bought; and making changes that might change something but, what?
Inspiring Employees Icon
Inspiring Employees
You’ve got a load of human resource talent that you may not have even tapped into yet. With the Internet being a lot like a virtual version of our planet, there are so many ways to inspire and train existing employees to fit into your Internet marketing strategy. Sometimes it just takes an energetic, positive professional to break complex things down into simple language to unlock your team’s potential for online marketing.
Mobile Marketing Icon
Mobile Marketing
There is a prediction that technology will become more and more augmented into our daily lives. This means the Internet comes to us more and more rather than us going out to it. Mobile phones and tablet computers are making that prediction easy to believe. Whether they’re clinging to their beloved old flip phone or they’ve gone high-tech with the newest iPhone, reaching people on their mobile devices with your offer is a party you don’t wanna miss! Its crazy effective and affordable.
Tutoring Icon
After you become a customer, you’re a friend for life. That’s why I offer dirt-cheap hourly tutoring rates to make sure you understand the marketing we’re doing together. I’m successful when you feel confident about doing your part of the work without me.