Savvy Solopreneurs Use Local Internet Marketing for Success

What is Local Internet Marketing?

  • A specialty service of IM for Solos that gets local businesses local customers from online sources
  • Different from general Internet Marketing in that it targets specific geographic regions

How does Local Internet Marketing work?

  • Potential customers use their computer to search for your product or service or to browse the web
  • The search engine or other online application reads their IP address to determine their zip code
  • Part of the results that appear in searches and in personalized ads will be local businesses like yourself
  • Sometimes a map with your location will appear
  • Or, reviews about your business may also appear
  • The potential customer sees your local business and is interested
  • They check out your website and maybe your Facebook Page to make sure you’re a credible business with an image that appeals to them
  • Then they call or visit your local business to shop or make a purchase

Why is Local Internet Marketing important for local solopreneurs?

  • Statistics show that most shoppers go online for local services before they venture out to your establishment or call you up
  • Your business’ first impression is most likely to be made online rather than in person
  • People want to read reviews before they visit a local joint, even if it is in a prime location
  • They want to get their friends’ input before they commit to a brand, even if it is local and more convenient

What happens when local businesses don’t use Local Internet Marketing?

  • Local businesses who don’t advertise and market online get less business than those who do
  • As technology improves rapidly and we use more of it in our daily lives, businesses that don’t change with the times will become obsolete
  • America was built on solopreneurs and the future of our country may depend on the stability and success of solopreneurs and local business owners just like you

How do I know if IM for Solos Local Internet Marketing is right for me?

  • You realize that Internet marketing is no longer optional for savvy solopreneurs
  • You have a physical address in the city or cities you conduct business
  • You are a solopreneur or small business owner (or work closely for one)
  • You are convinced that strategy is essential to Internet marketing success